A scholarship to obtain a bachelor’s or master’s degree from Britain


Students all over the world always dream of completing their studies, whether undergraduate or graduate, abroad in prestigious universities with resonant names, but many students may find that there are a large number of obstacles that stand between them and their obtaining what they wish for scientific ambition, as it is not from It is easy to get a scholarship abroad because the choice is always very accurate and depends on several criteria, the most important of which are accuracy, excellence and commitment. Therefore, some of the major universities in the world provide scholarships for students so that they can complete their studies. Below are details of a scholarship to obtain a bachelor’s or master’s degree from Britain

Field of study for the scholarship: Multiple and includes all disciplines

Academic Degree: The scholarship is available to complete undergraduate studies and obtain a bachelor’s degree, as well as for postgraduate studies to obtain a master’s

The scholarship is provided by: University of Essex

Country: Britain

Scholarship Terms:

  • This scholarship is offered to students who can cover their tuition and living expenses, and it is not possible to provide it to those who need to pay for their expenses, whether study or living.
  • This scholarship may be awarded to students who have completed high school as well as to those who have completed their university studies
  • You can only receive one scholarship from the University of Essex and it is not awarded to those who are restricted to other scholarships or who have previously received scholarships from the university
  • If the scholarship winner misses the study date, the scholarship will be withdrawn from him, provided that he enters the scholarship in the following year in accordance with the new terms and conditions

Features of the scholarship offered by the University of Essex:

  • This scholarship is open and available to foreign students from India, USA, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Malaysia, Latin America and all other countries of the world and the Arab world except for the European Union countries
  • Some discounts on tuition fees are offered to non-EU students who are self-financing their studies
  • 45 scholarships are offered for a bachelor’s degree and 15 scholarships for a master’s degree
  • The duration of the scholarship is not specified

How to apply for the scholarship: Official academic and personal documents are submitted to the university so that it can see the grades and marks that the applicant for the scholarship has obtained.

Scholarship Application Deadline : The scholarship application deadline is July 31, 2016. Applications submitted after this date may be considered, depending on the availability of funds at the university.

For more information and details about this scholarship offered by the University of Essex, you can visit the scholarship website from << here >>


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