A trip to the Comoros


Comoros is an Arab Islamic country   whose capital is Moroni, located near the southeastern coast of the continent of Africa, near the eastern coasts of Mozambique and northwestern Madagascar.

The country was occupied under French rule until it became independent from it on July 6, 1975. Islam spread in the Comoros as a result of the influx of commercial convoys in the golden age of Islam over it and captivated its inhabitants with the tolerant Islamic morals and teachings.

Geographical features:
It has an area of ​​1862 square kilometers, so it is the third smallest African country in terms of area. It consists of a group of volcanic islands, namely:

  ** Ngazigiya (Grand Moon): It is the largest of the islands and is the center of the Islamic Federal Republic of the Comoros. Its capital is Moroni  ** Mwali (Moheli) and is considered the smallest island among them ** Anzwani (Anjouan) and it is known by its unknown shape and it consists of 3 high mountains  ** Mahori (Mayotte) , but it remained, even after independence, a French colony still under French rule. It is the oldest island of the Comoros archipelago and contains many natural medicinal herbs  ** Bamanzi , the second largest island in the country ** Raya is located 20 km to the west of Grand Canyon  The nature of the lands on these islands is volcanic, and it contains many active volcanoes. It is considered the Kartala volcano

It is the most famous volcano on the island and in the world and is located on the island of Ngazigia 

Cultural features:
The population is 512 thousand people, according to the latest statistics in 2005, of different races, including Arabs and Africans, and people of Asian origin from Malawi, Indonesia and China live in it, and there are also some of French origins . lunar 

Many languages ​​are spread among the population, including Arabic, French and the Comorian language  – which is a mixture between Arabic and Swahili – and it is the most prevalent language among the population, as they were influenced by the Arab Muslim merchants who used to land with them and deal with them.

Boys and girls learn the Qur’an in special schools for the population before entering the regular schools in which they learn French in order to face its impact, but after the expulsion of the French teachers, the level of education in it has become weak, but we hope that their situation will improve in this new era.

The islands have a tropical marine climate and the temperatures change throughout the day and the water temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius. The islands go through two seasons during the first year. It enjoys heat and high humidity from November to April and the second is dry weather from May to October and rain falls in both seasons The islands are constantly exposed to cyclones, and the temperature at the top of the volcanic mountain Kartala reaches zero degrees Celsius

Travel and Nature:
You can reach the Republic of the Comoros through Prince Said Ibrahim Airport or Hahaya Airport in the capital, Moroni, via Kenya Airways, Yemenia, or via Madagascar, or you can travel to it by taking some flights from Dubai to Moroni. 

You can go to a hotel by taxi or limousine to one of the hotels there and it does not require a visa to enter, as you can get it at the airport for a sum of money
and there are several hotels , including luxury and simple ordinary ones 

But there is no doubt that it has a beautiful nature that human hands did not reach, and environmental pollution did not extend to it, and its wonderful golden and white beaches full of palms and trees, but tourism in it is weak despite its beauty, as it is unknown to many people, whether Arabs or foreigners.

Also, the people of the archipelago, although they say they are friendly and satisfied with their lives, are very simple


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