Golden residency in the UAE, how to get it?


The golden residency in the UAE has now become a dream for many people from different countries of the world, and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has adopted the golden card system within the UAE for a group of specific categories, and the main objective of the decision is to involve people who have exceptional talents in the march of progress and development of the country. 

Golden residency in the UAE

The golden residency in the UAE is one of the categories that follow long-term residency visas within the UAE, which are issued in the same system as the golden visa cards in the UAE, and residency visas vary in terms of duration between 5 and 10 years. 

The golden residency system in the UAE was adopted for the first time in 2019, and at that time it included a specific set of categories, and in 2020 the Council of Ministers adopted a set of changes mainly with regard to granting residency to residents, and then it included the inclusion of new categories that deserve to obtain golden residency for ten years. 

How do I get UAE residency? 

To obtain the golden residency in the UAE, there are a set of steps that must be followed for the category of entrepreneurs, and these steps are as follows: 

Nomination request

The application is submitted through the online platform for the entrepreneur visa, and within a month from the date of submission, the application is reviewed, and those responsible for review are the approved business incubators in the country, after which an email is sent containing the status of the application. 

Upload documents

If the nomination is approved, an email will be sent that includes a link used to upload the required documents to be able to obtain the visa. 

Obtaining a visa

This step represents the last step in obtaining residency, in which the application is reviewed by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, before obtaining the permanent visa. 

With regard to how to obtain golden residency in the UAE for the other categories that have been announced, they should contact the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship to find out the required steps, by calling 6005222222.

Who gets the golden residency in the UAE? 

In 2019, a group of categories that are entitled to obtain golden residency in the UAE were announced, then some other categories were added in 2020, and these categories are as follows: 

2019 categories

  • Investors. 
  • PhD holders. 
  • Entrepreneurs. 
  • Professional talents. 

Categories 2020

  • All doctors. 
  • Engineers specializing in specific fields such as computer , programming, electronics, biotechnology, and electricity. 
  • Outstanding students at state-accredited universities, who have a GPA of more than 3.8.
  • Holders of specialized certificates in some fields such as big data, artificial intelligence, epidemiology and viruses. 
  • High school seniors in the Emirates and their families. 

Advantages of golden residency

Those who obtain golden residency in the UAE enjoy a set of tremendous advantages, which are represented in the following: 

  • Entrepreneurs of other nationalities wishing to establish business operations are granted permanent residence. 
  • Golden residency holders do not need an Emirati sponsor. 
  • Businessmen of other nationalities holding golden residency are able to set up business operations inside and outside the UAE. 
  • They can own 100% of the property in the UAE. 

Golden residency in the Emirates for doctors

Doctors are among the most important categories that are entitled to obtain a golden residency in the UAE, after fulfilling a set of conditions, as follows: 

  • The doctor must have previously obtained certificates of appreciation or an award related to his specialty. 
  • It is necessary to obtain a scientific degree from one of the universities ranked among the top 500 universities in the world, and the degree should be a professor.
  • The doctor must have scientific books or articles in his specialty. 
  • To contribute to scientific research related to his field of work. 
  • The doctor’s degree should not be less than a doctorate, and the minimum number of years of experience should be 10 years. 
  • To be a member of one of the organizations related to his medical specialty. 
  • That his specialization is required and important in the country. 

Golden residence in the UAE for investors

Persons investing in the UAE in investments worth more than 10 million dirhams are eligible to obtain golden residency in the UAE, but provided that the investments are among the following forms: 

  • The investor shall establish a company within the UAE, with a capital of not less than 10 million dirhams. 
  • The investor must have a deposit in one of the investment funds in the UAE, a deposit of a minimum value of 10 million dirhams. 
  • The investor must own a set of investments within the country with a total value of 10 million dirhams at a minimum, with the condition that the percentage of investment in a field other than real estate exceeds 60% of the total value of those investments. 
  • To be a partner in one of the existing new companies, whose financial share is not less than 10 million dirhams. 

Conditions for investors to obtain a visa

  • Maintain the investment for at least 3 years from the date on which the residence permit was issued. 
  • The investor must fully own the capital, and it should not be a loan, with proof of that. 
  • The investor’s financial receivables should not have any debts or claims that may have an impact on his financial position. 

Golden Visa for Investors: 

  • the wife. 
  • sons. 
  • One consultant. 
  • One Executive Director. 
  • Only 3 people are auxiliary service workers. 

How long is the golden residency effective? 

The categories that are entitled to obtain golden residency in the UAE are divided into two categories in terms of length of stay, one of which extends for 5 years, and the other extends up to 10 years. Below we will learn about the categories of the ten-year visa: 

Ten-year residence visa

Below we will cover the categories eligible for 10-year residency: 


  • For a scientist to obtain residency, he must be accredited by the Emirates Scholars Council.
  • As for the holder of the Mohammed bin Rashid Medal for Scientific Excellence. 


Provided that the inventor obtains a patent for an invention that has an added value to the country’s private economy, and that it is approved by the Ministry of Economy. 

Creative people of culture and art

For creators, they are required to be accredited by the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development. 


This category includes all people who have scientific experience and high achievement, such as an engineer specializing in a rare field, in addition to having a university degree, while working in a private company in the country. 

Elite owners

It includes everyone who possesses distinct mental abilities, provided that it is documented by a patent, or the publication of scientific research in any international periodicals. 

The first high school in the Emirates

The top performers are also eligible for the visa, along with their families, provided that the student obtains an excellent grade in all tracks

  • Investors
  • Doctors and specialists

Five-year residence visa

The categories in this visa differ from the ten-year visa, as they focus more on creative people, and below we will learn about the most important categories in them: 

Outstanding students

The student must obtain a minimum GPA of 3.75, whether from inside or outside the UAE.

  • It must also be in one of the scientific disciplines determined by the commission. By obtaining it, the student’s family will also obtain permanent residence.
  • In addition to obtaining a multiple entry permit to enter the UAE for a period of up to 6 months. 


  • For this category to obtain residency, two prerequisites must be met.
  • The first is to have a successful project in one of the approved fields, and its value should be at least 500,000 dirhams.
  • The second condition is that he obtain approval issued by a business incubator within the country, provided that it is approved. 
  • While the conditions for entrepreneurs who are not residing in the country, which are to prove his experience in the field of entrepreneurs , and to be a member of one of the departments, etc. 

real estate investor

He gets the golden residency in the UAE when the following conditions are met: 

  1. Full ownership of the property in which he invests, and that it is not a loan, with proof of that. 
  2. Therefore, he must invest in one or more properties, with a total value of at least 5 million dirhams.
  3. Also, his financial liability should not be burdened by any civil judgments or claims that affect his financial position. 
  4. The need to continue investing for a minimum of three years from the date on which the residence permit was issued. 

With this ends our article about how to obtain golden residency in the UAE, which many people want to obtain because of its many advantages, and we also discussed the categories eligible for obtaining it. 


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