Hot kava baths are an experience with great benefits from the Philippines


One of the best things you can experience after mountain climbing is to go on an adventure in Antik Prefecture and go to Tibau area where Kawa Hot Baths are located in the Kayak Inn area on an elevated area next to the Tibau River. It is a unique experience that differs from traditional hot baths. It may seem crazy to some, but the different experience has brought many tourists to it since its appearance in 1996 AD because it helps travelers get a high dose of relaxation, especially with spending two consecutive days of trips. Tibiao is located in the Antique Prefecture of the Western Visayas in the Philippines

What is a kawa hot bath?

Kawa hot tub in the ancient province of Tibao is one of the attractions in the province that soothes muscle and joint pain that you may suffer when kayaking to enjoy the Tibao River or escape from the waterfalls, and it is presented as a complementary experience for the adventurers of tourism in this city.

Kawa is a term used for a very large bowl made of cast iron, and water is placed inside it to heat it at a relatively low temperature to suit the body temperature. The tourist can put more water to get lukewarm water, or it may be necessary to raise the temperature only a little. Once you find that the temperature is not suitable for your body, you can jump right out of the kawa.

Because the kawa baths are located in the middle of the mountains and near the river, they make you live an experience of relaxation, suspense and excitement. The water used in the kawa baths is from spring water and some flower leaves and ginger slices are placed. Do not worry that the kawa bowl is very thick and will not burn your skin and often you do it after swimming In the river or mountain climbing, a hot kawa bath is a truly soothing bath. The water will slowly heat up so that you feel relaxed and comfortable in the water and the approximate temperature range is 96°F – 105°F.

One of the most important things to consider when enjoying a hot water bath is to gently insert your body into the kawa before jumping out of it and the body temperature is regulated slowly so that it does not suffer from shock and it is never preferable to take a bar shower after sitting in hot kawa baths.

After the water temperature rises to reach the required degree, aromatic leaves, flowers and herbs are added when the water evaporates, which gives a wonderful decoration and at the same time has an acidic smell that makes you cannot wait.

Hot water invigorates the body, beautiful rural landscapes, aromatic steam, and if you decide to try hot kawa water, you will enjoy tasting oils and salts together, and there may be other disgusting things.

How do you go there?

From Manila, you can fly to Godofredo P. Ramos Airport inside Caticlan Aklan, which takes 1 hour and 10 minutes, and Antiques province is 82.6 kilometers (1 hour and 30 minutes) by car.

From the city of Iloilo, Tibau is located 172 km away and it takes approximately 3-4 hours to drive from the city. You can even take cars and trucks that are traveling on the Iloilo city road.

From Caticlan, Tibau is 93 km away, which takes 2-3 hours by car.

Benefits of hot cocoa baths:

Kawa baths are very popular because they have a range of benefits and therapeutic properties just like swimming in hot springs: and more benefits of a hot bath at home

 Reduce body stress:

If you suffer from a high level of stress during a tourist trip in the Tibau region, you can enjoy the adventure of relaxing inside the Kawa hot tubs because it is an adrenaline pumping activity. The hot bath works to calm the stressed muscles of the body and calm the mind that suffers from tension and stress for a long time, and sometimes a group of herbs is placed inside the water, which prompts many to go to sleep immediately after enjoying the hot bath. What is the Moroccan bath , its benefits and how it works at home?

Detoxing the body:

A hot kava bath is very popular around detoxing because the warm water helps the body release endorphins that will make you feel more relaxed. Once soaked in warm water, the muscles will feel relaxed with the smell of local herbs and flowers added to the water. The benefits of a cold shower are very important for your body

 Getting rid of anxiety and stress:

There are some herbs that have been used for a long time to get rid of anxiety. They are added to hot water, for example, lavender, which relaxes the mind and thus relieves the tension experienced by the body. When using lavender oils and bath salts in water, it helps you get rid of stress. You should know that your problems will not end but you will be able to deal with them better. Soak the body in a warm water bath

 Getting rid of cold and sinus problems:

If you suffer from cold and sinus problems, the eucalyptus herb found in kava baths helps you get rid of the annoying cold feeling. The effect of moisturizing water and eucalyptus can be on the sinus passages, thus breathing freely.

 Treatment of ulcers and muscle pain:

The body can store toxins in simple everyday life, and when soaking the body in a hot cocoa bath and soaking in a bath with Epsom salts, these toxins are eliminated. Hot water helps dilate blood vessels to improve blood flow and lower blood pressure, thus achieving muscle relaxation and getting rid of annoying pain.

Treating skin problems:

If you suffer from problems such as itchy skin, dry skin and using bath oil in kawa baths helps in moisturizing your skin. If you suffer from dry skin, you will not need a long period in the water, but the essential oils nourish the skin.

Promote blood circulation:

The water used in hot cocoa baths contains a variety of different minerals including calcium, sodium bicarbonate, and when soaking in hot water these minerals seep into your skin and improve blood circulation and oxygen flow.

Relieve pain :

If you suffer from chronic muscle pain or arthritis, but soaking in hot cocoa baths can effectively improve the pain. A study has shown that kawa mineral baths relieve pain and muscle fatigue, in addition to that buoyancy encourages the support of joints naturally.


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