How to obtain residence in Sweden, all the steps that make it easier for you


How to obtain residence in Sweden is a question that many people are looking for an answer to. Sweden is one of the most important European countries and in the world, due to the resources it has that helped it advance in many different fields, and it also prompted many to try to obtain residence in Sweden, Sweden has set specific conditions for being able to obtain residency.

How do I get residency in Sweden?

Many wonder how to obtain residency in Sweden, and the Swedish Migration Agency has identified a number of different ways in which residency can be obtained, which are as follows:

work in sweden

  • If you want to work in Sweden, you must first obtain an appropriate job offer in Sweden, and the terms of the work contract must match the laws and regulations in force in Sweden, to be able to obtain a work permit.
  • If the work contract is approved, you must log on to the official website of the Migration Agency, and apply for residency electronically.
  • Upon approval of the residence application, the Swedish Embassy in the applicant’s country of residence will receive a temporary residence card.
  • In most cases, the application is studied by the Migration Agency, and the study of the application takes a period ranging from a month to more than a year.
  • After responding to the application with approval, the applicant must go to the Embassy of Sweden at its headquarters in the country of residence, in order to take fingerprints and take pictures.
  • Upon obtaining a work permit, the applicant can apply for a residence permit for his family members, which enables him to obtain a temporary residence permit for them.

Establishing a company in Sweden

  • For those looking for an answer to the question of how to obtain residency in Sweden, establishing a company in Sweden is one of the ways in which residency can be obtained, and the steps to establish a company are done through the Migration Agency.
  • Despite the desire to establish a company, the method of dealing with the applicant is that he is a self-employed individual, and then he will receive a temporary residence permit.
  • Please note that entry to Sweden is not possible without obtaining a residence permit, and based on the treatment of the applicant as a self-employed individual, this prevents him from being employed in any other work.
  • One of the most important requirements that the applicant must have is a distinguished business plan for the project he intends to work on.
  • There must also be a direct relationship between the project and the state of Sweden, for example that the employees are citizens of Sweden, or the customers are from within Sweden, or the product is from Sweden.
  • Applying to establish a company in Sweden is done through the official website of the Migration Agency, and this requires the submission of some specific documents and documents, for example, proof of having experience in the field in which he intends to work.
  • Provide proof of the business plan that he will follow to demonstrate his ability to make a profit that is sufficient to meet his needs and his family members, with the need to attach documents showing the extent of his financial ability that indicates his ability to finance the company.
  • The Migration Agency processes the application, and this takes some time.
  • After obtaining approval, the applicant must go to the Embassy of Sweden to take his fingerprints and take pictures.
  • In most cases, the residence card is sent to the embassy in the applicant’s country of residence.

Study in Sweden

Traveling to Sweden to study is one of the ways to obtain residence in Sweden, but this requires some procedures, which are as follows:

  • You must first obtain a letter of acceptance of studies issued by the college or university you wish to apply to study in Sweden.
  • It is necessary to provide proof of the student’s financial ability that enables him to bear the costs within Sweden, whether for study or living in an informed manner, whether the financial resources are for the student, or the existence of a financially sponsored entity.
  • When all of these conditions are met, you can enter the official website of the Swedish Migration Agency, and apply for education there.
  • If the application is approved, then a temporary residence card can be obtained, which can be obtained through the embassy headquarters in the country in which the applicant resides.
  • The Migration Agency reviews the application, which takes some time, and after approval, you must go to the embassy to complete the procedures.

Do you marry a Swedish to obtain residency?

To complete the answer to the question of how to obtain residence in Sweden, it should be noted that the person who is about to marry a person with Swedish citizenship, or intends to reside with a person residing in Sweden, helps to obtain a residence permit in Sweden.

Residence can also be obtained if a family member has Swedish citizenship, or if he or she has permanent residence, given that the future wife in Sweden counts as a family member.

If a girl with Swedish citizenship is married, or a partnership contract is concluded with her, in that case the husband can obtain a residence permit, but this requires the wife to go to the Saudi Tax Authority to register the marriage document herself, which is the same for documenting partnership contracts.

The partnership contract means the existence of a relationship between a man and a woman, but they are not married, and yet they live together in the same house.

The difference between permanent and temporary residence in Sweden

After answering the question of how to obtain residence in Sweden, it should be noted that there are two types of residence in Sweden, namely permanent residence and temporary residence, and there are some differences between them, which we will learn about in the following:

temporary residence

  • Temporary residence is granted to immigrant persons initially, and in the case of applying to the Migration Agency for a residence permit for the desire to invest in the country.
  • In most cases, a temporary residence permit is initially obtained, which needs to be renewed a few months before its expiry date.
  • The duration of temporary permits ranges from 1 to 5 years, and it is possible to accompany close family members to Sweden when obtaining them.

Permanent residence

  • After obtaining temporary residence for several years, a person can convert it to permanent residence within a short period.
  • In most cases, foreigners in Sweden obtain permanent residence after a period of residence within the country, and this period ranges between 3 to 8 years.
  • Also, obtaining permanent residence requires the fulfillment of some specific conditions, the most important of which is spending a minimum of 182 days in Sweden annually.
  • Having sufficient financial ability to meet the demands of the person and his family, having a place to live, mastering the Swedish language, having health insurance, passing the test for proof of integration into society.

Here ends our article on the answer to the question of how to obtain residence in Sweden, which many individuals are trying to find the answer to travel to, which requires some conditions upon which a temporary or permanent card can be obtained.


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