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Booking Cheap Flights And Hotels In Orlando
Take Advantage Of Orlando’s Free Attractions
Orlando is among the most thrilling destinations to explore throughout America. United States. It’s a surprising city, with approximately 2.5 million residents in the metropolitan region and is often referred to as “the City Beautiful.” Orlando is among the top cities due in large part to its position as a tourist hub across the globe. In 2018, the city attracted more than 75 million tourists from all over in the United States and around the globe.

Two of the most popular attractions include Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort. The city is known for its top-of-the-line nightlife, bars, and clubs , as well as a conference centre. Unfortunately, it’s also a costly city to visit (especially when you’re with your family). How do you go about visiting Orlando on a tight budget? There are many tips on how to help you plan a budget-friendly trip to Orlando.

Booking Cheap Flights And Hotels In Orlando
For flights, it’s crucial to plan ahead (unless you’re able to be patient and look for deals at the last minute). One of the most effective methods to find cheap flight tickets are Google Flights – but there are many other sites that will search for the lowest flights.

Sites To Check For Cheap Flights:

Google Flights
There are plenty of fantastic bargains in Orlando for those who search around and reserve ahead. The best deals on lodging are available on resorts (and other hotels sites). Go to Universal Orlando’s special offer page to find packages that are affordable for everyone. It is possible to purchase your trip in a package: accommodation and tickets.

Universal Orlando has deals that include the three theme parks as well as five nights lodging starting at just $99 per night, based on the household of four. If you visit during the off-season, you could save up to $400 on an exclusive package offer.

Tip:Search Universal and Disney’s Special Deals Pages

Multiday Passes: Typically A Cheaper Option
Compare offers between Universal or Disney. However, they’re in no way the only hotel to be found Also, compare hotels on sites such as Expedia for amazing hotel deals.

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Take Advantage Of Orlando’s Free Attractions
There are many free things to do when visiting Orlando. A few of the attractions that are free that are available in Orlando include:

Disney Springs
Disney’s Boardwalk
Universal Citywalk
Celebration Town Center
Explore more attractions that are free located in Orlando by visiting A majority of the attractions that are free offer live entertainment for free for families to take advantage of.

Disney Springs:

Disney Springs features free admissions and parking for free. At the outdoor Disney Springs, one can take advantage of dining, shopping or entertainment while at Walt Disney World Resort. There are live shows for free and amazing architecture that guests are able to enjoy with their family. Kids can play with Lego figures, and the entire family can enjoy the complimentary ferries that connect the Disney resorts.

Disney’s Boardwalk:

Disney’s Boardwalk also offers free entry that allows you to walk through the Coney Island-inspired boardwalk. Entertainment is provided for free in the evening. includes fire-eaters, comedians Jugglers, fire-eaters, and more.

Universal City Walk:

It also has a rival to Disney, Universal. In the Universal Citywalk, parking is free from 6.00 pm, and the admission fee is never charged. Visitors can visit nightclubs, shops, restaurants and much other things. The free entertainment can include dancing parties that feature DJ sets that live as well as water taxis and places where children can play and cool off.

Old Town:

Rewind time and experience what Orlando was back in the day that were past. Events for free include car show classics as well as live entertainment.

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Go In The Off Season
If you can, visit Orlando during winter when it is not in the peak season (there’s many things to enjoy in Orlando during winter). If you go during the peak season, prices will likely be higher for all throughout the entire year.

The most affordable times to travel to Orlando are in January and the latter part in the month of February (it’s Florida, so it is expected to be warm during winter). On the other hand, depending on the season, it might be more affordable to visit during September.

Cheapest Months:January and February
Other suggestions for getting to Orlando at a reasonable cost include packing meals (dining out can be expensive) choosing a hotel with a free shuttle service, and purchasing souvenirs at the conclusion of your vacation (or at least not the first souvenirs you see).


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