The 10 longest dams in the world.


Dams are built around the world on rivers for many purposes, the most important of which is to save and conserve water, and then generate electric power through turbines that operate with the energy of water rushing. Engineers face every time a lot of difficulties and obstacles that must be solved to overcome the difficulties imposed by the environment on the calculations of building the dam and with That is, we find that man triumphs over nature, or in a more correct sense, tries to exploit it in an optimal way to reach his goal. Today, we present to you the achievements of engineers in building the tallest dams

1. Cherki Dam, Russia:

This dam will not be the longest dam in this article, as it is 232.5 meters long. Despite that, it is the longest dam in Russia. It was built at the rugged ground on the Sulak River. In fact, the rocky slopes surrounding the area where the dam is located have many explosions during construction. More than 65,000 cubic meters of rock were destroyed

The dam generates nearly 1,000 megawatts of electricity and is a destination for many tourists

2. Ertan Dam, China:

The Ertan Dam is not just a foreign investment with the Chinese government, but it performs a lot of operations and tasks that China needs. Its length is 240 meters and it was built 10 years ago between 1991 and 2000, setting a record for the fastest construction of a dam in the world. 47 countries participated in order to build a success Such a dam generates approximately 3.5 megawatts per year

3. Sayano-Shushinskaya Dam, Russia:

It is also called the gravity arc and its length reaches 246 meters and it was built to withstand earthquakes up to Richter 8. Since the completion of its construction in 1978, the dam has been exposed to four horrific accidents during which the dam was subjected to very great loading pressure during the Rabieh flood in 2009, when the water overflowed to the point that it flooded the turbine room and occurred Several explosions inside the dam because of this, which led to the damage of the entire turbine argument, and more than 74 people died during this accident.

Then another catastrophe occurred, which resulted in the deposition of a large amount of oil in the river water, as a result of which the dam stopped working for about a year.

4. Dernyar Dam, Turkey:

This dam was built to tame one of the fiercest rivers around the world, the Coruh River, where it is crossed by one of the strongest water currents in the world. Efficiently with this venerable river, its construction was based on a pairing of two curves, forming the strongest of the strongest formations in nature, which is the dome

The dam holds behind it about 500 billion gallons of stored water and bears enormous pressure posed by the movement of the violent currents of the river, but the river was not the only challenge to the dam, but rather it had to face a group of strong earthquakes that hit this region.

5. Laxiwa Dam, China:

Located on the Great Yellow River, the Laxiwa Dam is part of a plan to restore soil erosion and generate electricity. The Great Yellow River is known as the Mother River of China, but it suffers from one of the most severe cases of soil erosion around the world, turning 1.6 million tons of natural silt into sand in one year. The dam as a step to solve the problem is 250 meters long and is considered the longest and most electricity-producing Chinese dams

6. Movwasen Dam, Switzerland:

At the time when the dam was one of the disasters, if it failed to perform its task, the Movwazin dam existed to avoid it. This dam was built in order to avoid the ice. The ice represents one of the natural barriers that makes the lake vulnerable to explosion at the time of the flood. In 1818 when the water penetrated it, the valley sank in a disaster This dam was built in 1950 so that it protects the dam from natural disasters and generates electricity. Its height is 50 meters and it is located in a natural environment surrounding it of very beauty and splendor, and it is a source of natural tourism in Switzerland

7. Vajunt Dam, Italy:

Although the Vagonte Sad reached an astonishing height (262 metres) , it is unfortunately considered the most famous disaster that occurred in Italy only. Its done so far

8. Inguri Dam, Georgia:

It is an ordinary arc dam used in the production of electricity for the states of Georgia and Abkhazia. This large block is considered the second largest dam in the world, with a length of 272 meters . Its construction began in 1960 and ended in 1987. The European Union, the Georgian government and Japan participated in its construction and supplies Georgia with 46% of the Its need for electricity

9. Grand Dickens Dam, Switzerland:

It is considered one of the longest dams in the world, with a weight of 15 million tons , which is heavier than the Great Pyramid, with a height of 285 meters . It was built from 6 million cubic meters of cement, which is enough to build a thin wall around the equator, with a width of 200 meters.

10. Xiyuan Dam, China:

This is the longest dam in the world, with a length of 292 meters, which is only 32 meters shorter than the Eiffel Tower. 11 years from 1999 to 2000 and it cost 3.9 billion dollars and the area of ​​the dam is 137,599 hectares. In order to be built, about 30,000 people were displaced to other places in order to avoid flooding.


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