The 7 most attractive places for tourism in Rome.


The 7 most attractive places for tourism in Rome

Rome is the eternal city full of great monuments and monuments. It is the center of the greatest civilizations. You will find magnificent palaces, ancient churches, cathedrals, Roman monuments, statues and fountains.

Here are the 7 most attractive places for tourism in Rome:

7- Roman Forum

It is located in a small valley between the Palatine Hills and the Capitoline.

The ancient Roman square was always densely populated, as it was a place for gathering, marches, and public speeches, and a center for commercial affairs as well.

But now the square is deserted, with only a few architectural monuments, including the Arches of Septimius Severus and Titus, the Temple of Antoninus Pius and Faustina and the Temple of Saturn.

6- Spanish Steps

It is a long avenue consisting of 135 steps and was built with French funding between 1721 and 1725 with the aim of linking Bourbon Spain to the Vatican with
the French church, Trinità dei Monti.

5- Trevi Fountain

It is the largest Baroque fountain. Its construction was completed in 1762. It was designed by Nicola Salvi. It has a sculptural formation of Neptune, the god of the sea, surrounded by two Tritons (the son of the Lord of the Sea, according to the Amazigh novel).

The site was chosen as the connection station for the aqueduct, the Aqua Virgo, which was built in the 19th century BC. Legend says that one who throws a coin into it will come back to Rome one day

4- Vatican Museums

Founded by Pope Paulius in the 6th century AD, these museums are located inside the Vatican City and include some of the most important monuments in the world and also include spiral staircases, Raphael’s rooms and the magnificent Sistine Chapel
. Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the church between 1508 and 15012 to become one of his most important and most beautiful works in painting

3- Pantheon

It is the best archaeological Roman building in terms of preservation, and perhaps the best preserved building from that era in the world.
It was built in 126 AD as a temple to all the gods of ancient Rome. It has been converted into the Roman Catholic Church since the 17th century.. It consists of a large circular portico with three huge granite columns.
The portico opens into a foyer topped by a dome. Although two thousand years have passed since its construction, this dome is still the largest concrete dome in the world.

2. St. Peter’s Basilica

It is a center for Catholicism in the world and one of the most important tourist attractions, with a height of 120 meters inside.
A number of critics described it as “occupies a prominent position in the Christian world and as being” greater than all other Christian churches and the reason for reverence is due to the fact that the cathedral, according to the Catholic tradition, contains a shrine. Saint Peter, and the shrine is located directly under the main altar of the cathedral, which is called the “Altar of Confession” or “Papal altar” or “St. Peter’s Altar.” Many famous artists participated in this church, such as Michelangelo, who painted the dome and Bernini, who designed the great Saint Peter

1- Colosseum

The Colosseum, the Colosseum, the Colosseum, or what was originally called the Flavian Amphitheater is a gigantic Roman amphitheater in downtown Rome that originally held about 45,000-50,000 spectators. The arena was used to fight gladiators and mass competitions. Its construction began between 70 and 72 AD under Emperor Vespasian and was completed mainly in 80 during the reign of Titus, but some additional changes were made during the reign of Domitian

Thus, the 7 most attractive places for tourism in Rome ended


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