The most beautiful places in the world and the most visited by tourists


Let your mind drift in the most beautiful places in the world. In order for you to explore amazing architectural places such as a tropical paradise and a small Scandinavian city. Below we present a list of the most beautiful places in the world and the most visited by tourists. You can count on these places if you want to visit any of these amazing places. The list below has been organized by selecting places located in Tropical/Warm, Arctic, Architectural Designs. No matter where you live in the world, these places are unbelievable. We advise you to visit them to see the amazing architecture. To be more honest, there are thousands of places that you can stop at, but today we are keen to display a list of places to taste a different experience.

The most beautiful places in the world and the most visited by tourists

 The most beautiful tropical and warm places in the world:

Kauai Island:

 If you want to enjoy the romantic atmosphere and the abundance of rain, you can see the island of Kauai. It offers tourists the advantages of enjoying swimming, cycling, diving.

Bora Bora Island: 

The island of Bora Bora was formed as a result of a volcano that receded and formed a barrier reef. Thus, the island allows visitors to see the blue coral reefs and the clear water, as it is a wonderful reserve.

Lugni mountain range: 

This place is very similar to rice fields, which prompts some to use the term rice terraces, which are shaped like a zigzag snake movement.

 Victoria Falls: Victoria:

 Falls is located in Zimbabwe and is the largest waterfall in the world, with a total area and an amazingly high capacity to move, which is 1,088 cubic meters per second of water to the bottom of the 350-foot cliff.

Amazon River:

 The Amazon River is the largest artery in the rainforest in the world. It is the largest river in the world in terms of discharge. It is the largest river around the world and the rainforest surrounding it accounts for more than half of the remaining rainforests in the world.

 Rainbow Mountains:

 The Rainbow Mountains are located in Changhe, China. It is the most beautiful tour you can take because it has interesting colors all over the mountain. These colors are the minerals inside the sandstone, which leads to the coloring of the sand and appear in red, green and yellow.

 Railay Beach:

Railay Beach is located in Thailand and is a magical place that can only be reached by boat on the small peninsula of Thailand. Spend the rest of the day climbing limestone cliffs to explore a vast cave or swimming to the opposite islands.

 The most beautiful cold arctic regions:

 Neuschwan Castle:

 Built in the nineteenth century in southern Germany, Neuschwan Castle is a source of great aesthetic inspiration. It is visited by tourists regularly during the summer months, as it is a symbol of calm and peace.

 The landscape of the arctic sky:

 the colors of the sky in the arctic in Iceland appear in various degrees as it is the largest tourist attraction. You can enjoy watching this charming landscape over and over again without getting bored.


 You might think that Antarctica is one of the coldest, windiest and driest places in the world, yet it is home to millions of penguins of all kinds.

 Yellowstone National:

 Park Yellowstone National Park is the oldest national park in the United States and it is worth visiting this park to see many details about the wildlife.

 Tracy Strait in Alaska:

   This strait was formed as a result of the slow erosion of mountain valleys, where the glacial rivers move down to the sea.

Torres Dale Park: Located in southern Patagonia, Torres Dale National Park is characterized by the presence of many beautiful mountains, glaciers, lakes and rivers that make you take an amazing trip.

Svalbard Island in the Northern Ocean:

 Sylvalbard Island is located in the northern continent and has many beautiful places that visitors are happy to see when seeing polar bears, reindeer and possibly arctic fox as well.

 The most beautiful architectural places around the world:

 Bagan temples: There are Bagan temples in central Burma and was built to be the capital of the ancient city of Myanmar. It is the largest gathering of temples, most of which date back to the 12th and 11th centuries.

 The ancient city of Petra in Jordan:

 This city is truly an architectural masterpiece that was carved as early as 312 BC. The ancient city of Petra was listed among the UNESCO archaeological sites.

 Machu Picchu mountain range:

You   see the height of the Machu Picchu mountain range and note the height of the Inca civilization. This beautiful place was built in the year 1450 and is nearly 100 years old since the Spanish conquest.


It is called the city of water because it is built on 118 small islands. The city was built on the Venice lagoon so that it is not like any other city in the world.


  The pyramids are one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and are located in Giza. The pyramid was built as a tomb in 2560 BC for the Egyptian pharaoh Khufu.

 The ancient Tarbrohm Temple:

 It is a wonderful architectural art that has trees and moss inside that make the scenery picturesque.

Taj Mahal in North India:  

One of the architectural places in the Islamic art style if you want a different tourism trip of its kind.


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