The most famous hotels in Turkey 


Are you looking for the most famous hotels in Turkey for an enjoyable vacation? After Turkey has become one of the major tourist countries, searches for the best hotels have increased. Especially since Turkey has many lakes with distinctive colors and beautiful landscapes. Therefore, the group of hotels that it provides to its guests overlooks these beautiful views, in addition to the advantages it offers and provides to them.

About Turkey

Turkey is one of the Middle Eastern countries, bordered to the north by Georgia and the Black Sea, to the south by Syria and Iraq, by the Mediterranean Sea and Cyprus. As for the east, its borders lie with Iran and Armenia, and to the west are Bulgaria, Greece and the Aegean Sea.

There are many green spaces, parks and small lakes with attractive colors in Turkey . Therefore, it is an excellent destination for those looking for entertainment, comfort and enjoyment of the calm atmosphere and picturesque nature, hence the search for the most famous hotels in Turkey for a special vacation.

All the cities in Turkey have a large selection of the best hotels. Its main objective is to accommodate and receive all those coming to visit it from all over the world. Hotels also differ in form, for example, hotels in the form of old luxury palaces. On the other hand, there is a group of modern style hotels to meet all needs.

The most famous hotels in Turkey

There is no doubt that all the hotels around the Turkish cities are of a high level of quality and service. However, there are a group of the most famous hotels in Turkey, for example

Swissotel Bosphorus Hotel

One of the most famous and oldest hotels in Turkey, as it was built in the early nineties and is located in Istanbul, the capital. The hotel has many advantages, the most important of which are

  • The hotel is built in the old style that combines luxury and elegance, as it keeps pace with the changes and civilizational developments that have emerged recently. Therefore, it is a mixture of ancient and modern architecture.
  • The hotel is located within the largest and most important tourist center of Istanbul. It is located next to the Tala Tower and the Hagia Sophia Church, the most important and largest monument in Istanbul, in addition to Dolma Palace and Taksim Station.
  • The hotel is only about twenty minutes’ drive from Ataturk Airport.

The number of rooms in the hotel is approximately 497 rooms, and each room contains

  • conditioning.
  • Central fireplace.
  • Wi-Fi service.
  • PC.
  • Mini bar.
  • Jacuzzi.
  • In addition to the marble bathroom and rain shower.
  • Soft and elegant looking rugs.

One of the main reasons that made it one of the most famous hotels in Turkey is the distinctive cuisine in it. Responsible for providing the best and finest types of food and meals to all guests. There are also many recreational activities in the hotel, most notably tennis courts and swimming pools.

He explains how the suites are the most famous hotels in Turkey

In the center of Goreme, a hotel is located in the interpretation of how one of the most famous hotels in Turkey. The hotel is also unique in many characteristics and features that made it one of the best Turkish hotels, which are

  • The hotel is located within an area completely surrounded by scenic landscape that many tourists are looking for. As a result, tourists are on a date for enjoyment and meditation.
  • The hotel is designed in a modern style and even all its facilities and personal items are designed to match this design.
  • Guests can admire the beautiful scenery from the balcony of their room, because each room has an attached balcony overlooking this wonderful setting.
  • There is a large and spacious area attached to the hotel designed specifically to sit, meditate and enjoy the beautiful nature.
  • In addition to the presence of a distinguished team and management in the hotel, which always welcomes all visitors and guests. So all the guests feel comfortable throughout their stay at the hotel
  • As for couples and families looking for the most famous and best hotels in Turkey, we would like to tell them that it is very suitable for a special family holiday.

Bosphorus Shangri-La Hotel

One of the reasons why Shangri-La Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Turkey is that it overlooks the European coast directly, in addition to the following features that it has

  • The hotel has a group of international chains of restaurants, which serve fine meals from different countries of the world to all guests.
  • All the staff are welcoming, hospitable, and excel in their work.
  • The hotel is located in a distinctive tourist location, as it is located between the Maritime Museum and Dolma Palace. These landmarks are certainly among the most important archaeological and tourist facilities in Istanbul.
  • Attached to the hotel are several saunas, spa and steam rooms, as well as traditional Turkish baths.

La Sagrada Hotel is the most famous hotel in Turkey

Five-star hotels always come to the fore in the comparison between different hotels, as is the case for the Lasa Grada Hotel, which has a set of features, most notably, for example

  • The hotel is located within the Osmanbey area, one of the most important commercial areas, which includes a wide range of supermarkets and wholesale markets.
  • The hotel is only 30 meters away from the nearest metro station, Osmanbey Station. As a result, it gives many guests easy access to it.
  • The hotel has a wonderful Italian design with an elegant shape, as it is one of the distinctive architectural styles. That is why it is one of the most famous hotels in Turkey.
  • Visitors enjoy shopping in the vicinity of the hotel, as the hotel’s proximity to the market is one of its biggest and most important features.
  • The hotel’s restaurant serves the finest types of Turkish and various international foods, such as Turkish borek with minced meat and other delicious dishes.

Wyndham Grand Levent Hotel

In the center of Istanbul, the Turkish capital, the most important and largest hotel in Turkey is located, the Wyndham Grand Levent. As a result, it has many advantages, the most important of which are:

  • The hotel is close to Levent Station, which is only sixty meters away.
  • Around the hotel there are many shopping malls that many tourists visit to shop and buy gifts.
  • The hotel is five-star, so it is one of the most famous hotels in Turkey.
  • The restaurant in the hotel offers the best and most delicious international and local recipes, as a result of the presence of the staff responsible for preparing meals for the guests.

Mercure Bomonti Hotel

Within one of the most important and largest integrated commercial centers, the most famous hotel in Turkey is Mercure Bomonti. It is also located within the Sisli area near Osmanbey Station. The guest can walk only five minutes from the station to reach the hotel, which is a five star hotel with a distinctive architectural design.

The hotel features luxurious rooms, and you can have a drink or enjoy a light breakfast on the room’s balcony, in a happy atmosphere.

The hotel also has many recreational services that the guest can enjoy, the most important of which are

  • Wi-Fi.
  • swimming.
  • Enjoy the steam baths and saunas.


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