Top 10 most beautiful places in Portugal.


Top 10 most beautiful places in Portugal

Portugal is an exciting and beautiful country, located in southwestern Europe, which is the land of beautiful landscapes. The most important thing that distinguishes Portugal is that it has many tourist potentials, as it is characterized by the charm that attracts the tourist looking for entertainment and relaxation.

And here  to   educate yourself , we present to you  ten of the most beautiful places to visit in Portugal :

1. Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, and Lisbon receives most of its visitors from other European capitals. It enjoys charm, beauty and attractiveness, and in that lies its deep history . It is second only to Athens in the oldest shares of European capital . It’s actually a beautiful mix of old and new , and there’s also plenty to please its visitor. Historic cafés, antique trams , narrow lanes of backstreets , and vibrant restaurants , Lisbon, with its rolling hills, is well worth a visit.  

2. Sintra

A mountainous city 60 km away from Portugal, Sintra, northwest of Lisbon, received the attention and love of the Portuguese royal family and English nobles such as Lord Byron. Centra enjoys exotic plants due to the climate.

3. Porto

With its winding streets, 14th-century walls, picturesque colorful homes and ornate grounds, Porto sits at the mouth of the Douro River and is marked by boats that float in the river.

4. Douro Valley

The Douro Valley is one of the most prominent natural scenes in Portugal, and its vast, barren landscape extends from the city of Poto to the Spanish border. The high hills on both sides of the valley are surrounded by connected vineyards and sometimes interspersed with some farmhouses, and the roads that wind along the banks of the Rio Doro are crowded with hikers, but the river, which has been tamed by building five bridges over it, which makes it possible to sail in it and make boating a comfortable way to plunge you in the atmosphere of peace.

5. Obidos

The village of Obidos is located in the province of Lisbon, and in the 13th century, Queen Isabel was enchanted by that village, where her husband, King Denis Obidos, gave her a gift, and this was a tradition of kings for several centuries. Obidos.

6. Cascais

One of the small and quiet fishing villages, Cascais is now famous for its beautiful seaside resort and for its glorious beaches , sophisticated nightlife , and water sports .   It is famous for its artisans and artists, due to its wonderful scenery , and it boasts of an impressive collection of artists, displaying art in ( De Castro Museum Guimaraes Conde) . Among the factors that attract tourism to it is its wonderful marina full of yachts and the warm sun.

7. Praia da Marina

It is close to the touristic Al-Jurf area, and is characterized by its beautiful beach, golden sands and unusual rocky cliffs. It is one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world and also the most beautiful beach in Portugal. It is really worth a visit, as it is considered the best holiday entertainment.

8. Marvao

Marvaux  is a beautiful medieval mountain town that still has ancient walls dating back from the 13th century, making Marvaux a very beautiful place to visit . As you can see all parts of the town from above it is not to be missed . Marvo has a lovely hotel which, Santa Maria , is the perfect place to stay . It consists of two village houses that have been converted into hotels.

9. Salema

It is located  three hours south of the capital, near the Portuguese Cape , Salameh , a quiet and beautiful beach . Although this area remains a holiday favorite , this pretty village remains relatively untouched by the tourist factors , offering traditional al fresco dining, the main street with a single cluster of white stucco houses . This village is located on the high slopes of the sandy beach, where peaceful fishing .

10. Evora

Evora is located in southern Portugal at a latitude parallel to the capital Lisbon, and is about 140 km away from it. It is one of the oldest European cities in history, and the walls of the Roman era still surround it. It also has many monuments from the Roman era and the Islamic era and beyond.


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