You need all these applications if you are going on a travel trip


Technology has become interfering to help us in many things, especially with regard to making some decisions. Among these decisions is everything related to travel. So we find a lot of applications that enable you to deal with the requirements of travel. It is easy to use and has many benefits. Where you can get help for everything on your trip from easy trips like the flight to the most important trips and here is a list of the 20 most important applications you may need while traveling:

1. Foodspotting
This is a food-oriented app that uses GPS to find restaurants in the area you are currently in. It shows you a list of restaurants near you and has some beautiful pictures that make you in a good mood and you can see customer reviews on each restaurant to make sure you get the best you want. It also has a map to make it easier for you to reach the desired restaurant.

2. Gas buddy

It is a free application for iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices.

It is one of the great travel apps for road trips. It helps you to get petrol at the cheapest possible prices from the nearest stations to the area around you. It is currently only available in America and Canada.

You can find gas stations around you and compare prices. You may also earn some points by informing you about the prices and you can use these points to win prizes as you may win every week a fuel card of $ 250.

There are a lot of users on the application as joining it is free and with the current fuel prices you can with this application save hundreds of countries.

3. Flightboard

Simply this application turns your device into an arrival and departure board for any airport around the world.

The app’s design is old-school, features 4,000 airports and 1,400 airlines worldwide, refreshes every 5 minutes, and you can quickly switch between the departures list and the arrivals boards.

4. Trip it

This app is the world’s easiest way to organize and share your travel plans on Facebook or LinkedIn. And you can also let your friends know about cheap houses and transportation for travel plan.

5. word

It is a writing application that allows you to record your thoughts while traveling and uses icloud and dropbox to store backup copies of these writings.

It has an auto-save feature and there are a lot of shortcuts to keep it simple and you can convert documents to many formats such as PDF, HTML, word and RTF.

6. packing pro

It gives you suggestions on what to take with you based on the type of trip you will be taking. You can edit your list using Excel and googledocs. You can share your list with your friends online. The program includes more than 800 tools for babies, pets, cooking, and religion.

It makes a list based on the number of adults, children, days, temperature and destination.

7. Google translate

The application can translate the phrases into more than 60 languages, and you can also hear the translation.

Including 24 languages, you can listen to its translation out loud, and it can also be in full screen so that others can see it. It also supports the translation of the most rare languages ​​in the world such as Yiddish, Czech, Tamil, Telugu and Latvian.

8. Skyscanner

You will not find a better application than this application in order to compare the countless flights between all airlines around the world, as you no longer need to scour all airline websites to compare prices, but all this is in one application.

9. Xe currency

It is a great application to find out the currency rates for your currency and you can use it to calculate prices in shops and restaurants to make sure that you are not scammed.

10. Around me

When you visit a new city, through this application, you can know all the places around you, including restaurants, banks, local attractions and famous stores in this place, and all this through a simple interactive map to make it easier for you to reach the desired place.

11. Hostelbookers

This application consists of some simple components, but it makes you book a place to stay at the cheapest possible price and makes it easier for you to find it and even faster than before, as it saves you from searching in websites.

12. Jetlag calculator

If you enter the time of your flight for your home country and destination, it will work on the sleep mode, which will make you adapt to the new time of the area in which you are.

13. Weatherpro

This app has a reputation as a master of weather forecasts, described by Time Out magazine as having a degree of accuracy that brings insight. It not only provides a weather forecast, but also provides you with a lot of other data such as cloud formations, wind speed, humidity and other information that may interest you on your trip.

14. Google goggles

This application is one of the most wonderful applications related to history, as it is important for those interested in myths and technology alike. The way the application works is to point the camera at the teacher you want to know information about, whether a painting or an architectural building, and the application will bring you an article from Wikipedia related to the teacher and make you an expert in a few moments.

15. Wi-fi founder

This application will make you able to find any Wi-Fi points around you instead of extorting data roaming costs as it has a radar to monitor any new Wi-Fi point near you.

16. Time out city guides

This application will make you able to benefit from your trip as much as possible as it covers pretty much everything that happens in the city during the coming period such as gigs, theater shows and nightclubs along with the best restaurants and bars that you can visit so this application will not make you waste time Your journey in hard search.

17. Mapmyride gps cycle riding

If you are planning a bike exploration trip then this app is the best choice for you. Not only can you keep track of your routes but you can also save them to look at later. It will also help you to navigate via GPS. It also calculates for you the duration of the sport that you have practiced.

18. Sunscreen re-applying reminder

If you wake up every day and forget to put sunscreen on before you leave, don’t be afraid, this app will remind you every day to put sunscreen on before you leave and save your day.

19. Tipulator

This application calculates the amount of money that you can add to the account in the restaurant or cafe, why and some information about it because some countries where workers in such places cannot live without this added value

20. Amazon kindle

If you don’t know what a kindle is, you’ve been living under a rock for nearly a decade. This application allows you to read e-books. As the Amazon library is very amazing and you can master all the books in the world. You can also find a whole collection of classics for free.


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